Dun-robin Castle

Many people go to London. If you can add a few more days to your visit to London, then definitely travel to Scotland. You see, the line of William Wordsworth’s poem read in the school book is coming to the fore. The lonely woman on top of Tyler, working her mind. There is no one around. Somewhere along the way again bright golden daffodil flowers are shaking their heads.

There are very low cost flights from London. It can be reached in one and a half hours. Of course, if you have time, it is better to go by train. There are countless trains from Kings Cross Station in London throughout the day.

Scotland Boat house
Scotland boat house

Travel to Scotland, get on a tour bus

You can start the tour with the capital Edinburgh. If you don’t have any relatives or friends in this city, get on a tour bus. Such buses depart from the front of the Waverly Bridge. As many times as you can on a one-day ticket, as long as you are happy. These buses will take you to every sight in the city. Wherever you want to get off, turn around and get on the next bus. This bus is usually available at twenty minute intervals. Note that the ticket belongs to a company. But you can only get on the bus of that company.

Edinburgh City
Edinburgh City

Edinburgh is divided into two parts

The city of Edinburgh is divided into two parts. The ‘Old Town’ or old city built in the Middle Ages and the ‘New Town’ built in the 18th-19th centuries. Notable, however, are the National Museum, Edinburgh Castle and the Hollywood Palace. The road between Edinburgh Castle and Hollywood Road is exactly one mile long. This is known as the ‘Royal Mile’. Numerous shops and cafes on both sides of the paved road. Even if you don’t like shopping, at least buy a soft wool muffler. Just as comfortable, just as fashionable.

If you are an artist, go to the National Gallery. Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael, Mone, Dega — the works of many famous artists are carefully preserved here. You can walk for a few hours from Edinburgh to the University of St. Andrews, 50 miles away. Kate Middleton had a conversation with Prince William at the third oldest university in Britain (after Oxford and Cambridge).

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The Scott Monument, Travel to Scotland

Scott Monument
Scott Monument

The Scott Monument is a must see in Edinburgh. Princess Street Gardens, very close to Waverly Railway Station. There is this huge monument built in the memory of Walter Scott, the Scottish novelist and author of ‘Ivan Ho’. It is the second largest monument in the world (the first is in Havana, Cuba, in memory of the Latin American poet Jose Marti).

Plans were made to build the monument shortly after Scott’s death in 1832. The 27 feet staircase of the 200 feet 6 inches high building. There are various ‘viewing platforms’ at different heights, from which the whole city of Edinburgh can be seen. The monument has a total of 98 small and large statues of various characters from King-Queen to poet-writer and various novels written by Scott. Among them are Scott’s own dog and three animal statues!

Travel to Scotland, Lakh

Lakh ​​Ness
Lakh ​​Ness

You have to come to Scotland and see ‘Lakh’. ‘Lakh’ in Scottish means lake. Statistics show that there are 31,480 lakes in Scotland. The most popular of them are ‘Lakh ​​Ness’ and ‘Lakh ​​Lomond’. In the Scottish legend, Lach Ness Monster lives on Lake Ness. Millions of tourists still flock to the lake in search of the monster.
Lakh Lemond is as famous as Lakh Ness and very popular with tourists. The lake is named after Captain Haddock’s favorite whiskey company at Tintin Comics. It is the largest lake in Britain. The 71-square-kilometer-wide lake is surrounded by rolling hills, the Scottish Highlands.

Isle of Skye

Isle of Skye
Isle of Skye

If you have a little more time on hand, you can go to another beautiful place, the Isle of Skye. In the beautiful party village like picture postcards on the eastern tip of the island.

Another popular island like Skye is Harris. Not only foreign tourists but also people from Scotland come to the island and spend a few days in caravans. If you have a long vacation in hand, you will visit Glasgow and Inverness.
Scotland is the ideal place to wander outside the city.

Everyone here has the freedom to roam freely. You can easily get into someone’s farm, no one will ask you anything! Of course no people will look to stop it. Rather, there are innumerable sheep grazing! In some villages the number of sheep is several times more than the number of people.

Last but not least, winter in Scotland is very cold. At other times of the year, the weather in Scotland is basically of three types – drizzle, moderate rain and drizzle if you are lucky. Most of the time the rain is accompanied by strong winds. As a result, you must keep a waterproof jacket in the bag, not an umbrella.

Scotland Ruin Church
Ruin Church

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