The unknown mystery of Baltra Island

The mysterious place of the world is the unknown mystery of Baltra Island. Many mysteries of nature’s strange whims have not yet been unraveled. Baltra is an island surrounded by such strange mysteries. Baltra is basically an island with no human settlements. The Galapagos Islands consist of 13 islands near Ecuador in South America. And Baltra is one of these 13 islands. But Baltra is very different, strange, and mysterious from the other 12 islands here.

History of Baltra Island

During World War II, the United States government established airbases on several islands in the archipelago for strategic reasons. It was through Francis Wagner, an Airbus officer at the time, that the world first came to know about the strange character of Baltra Island. Many then confessed to the mysterious behavior of the island.

The mystery of rain, the unknown mystery of Baltra Island

As it is a tropical island, it gets a lot of rain. But the strange thing is that not a single drop of rain falls on Baltra. What a mysterious reason Baltra flew over a lot and rained on the other side. After Baltra had crossed halfway, strangely no more drops of rain fell. No matter how heavy the rain is, it seems to be an infallible rule there.

The mystery of compass

The compass of a sailor or adventurer behaves abnormally as soon as he arrives in Baltra. The compass pointing north always stands still at some point, while the directional spine rotates arbitrarily or points in the opposite direction. The most mysterious thing is that the compass behaves in such a strange way even while on a plane on Baltra Island. Once you cross the island then everything is fine.

Another strange aspect of Baltra is its “emotional” side. Compared to the other twelve islands, anyone’s head becomes much lighter as soon as they set foot on the “Dead Island” Baltra.

Amazingly good feeling on this island

An amazingly good feeling of being lost in an unknown place overwhelms the mind. After staying on Baltra Island for a long time, after leaving this island, the feeling of wonder remains for some time. Later, however, it gradually got better.

No trees, no animals on this island

There are no trees on the strange island of Baltra. There are no animals. No animals want to come to Baltra Island. Wagner, the discoverer of the island’s mysteries, forcibly released some animals into the canal between Baltra and the nearby island of Santa Cruz.

But it was seen that the animals were walking along the edge of Santa Cruz avoiding Baltra. Not only that, but the flying birds are also flying back to Baltra. It looks as if they are pushing against an invisible wall. No one has yet found an acceptable reason for such strange behavior on Baltra Island. However, scientists have not been able to unravel the mystery.

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