Fish Coral Great Barrier Reef
Fish Coral Great Barrier Reef

It’s hard to find someone who hasn’t heard of the Great Barrier Reef. It is located in the Coral Sea of ​​Australia, it is called the largest coral wall in the world. The wall extends over the northern coast of Cape York from near the southern coastal town of Bundaberg, covering an area of ​​about 346,000 square kilometres. The wall consists of about 2,900 coral walls, large and small, and 900 coral islands.

Corals are small invertebrates in the ocean. Their bodies secrete a chemical called calcium carbonate, which forms a hard covering on the outside of the body. These animals constantly accumulate at the bottom of the ocean to form this wall.

The Great Barrier Reef is one of the Seven Wonders of the Natural World.

It is one of the most significant natural wonders in Australia. This is one of the Seven Wonders of the Natural World. It is much larger than the Great Wall of China and can be seen from space. There are 1500 species of tropical fish including 400 species of corals, 4000 species of oysters, coral sponges, molasses rays, dolphins. There are also about 200 species of birds and 20 species of reptiles. A large 120-year-old oyster lives on this coral wall.

great barrier reef diving coral
great barrier reef diving coral

This wall is also a breeding ground for hampback whales. They come here from the Antarctic. It is also home to several endangered species, including the dugong (sea cow) and the huge green sea turtle. The Great Barrier Reef is an outstanding and significant entity worldwide. UNESCO listed its as a World Heritage Site in 1981.

Due to its natural beauty, both underwater and above water, this rift has become one of the most sought after tourist destinations in the world.

But as a result of climate change, the Great Barrier Reef has fallen into disrepair and is gradually declining. In many places, the wall has already collapsed.

Now you can spend your vacation in this unique beautiful place.

Home to diverse marine-life of the most vivid colours, the Great Barrier Reef offers the opportunity for great adventure for you and your family, both in luxury and on a budget. Whether you can explore the stunning Whitsunday-Island, trek the ancient Daintree-Rainforest & relax on luxurious tropical-islands such as Hayman & Lizard, a day on the reef is all about the unforgettable-nature that surrounds you. Adopt Australia’s easygoing-attitude when you island hop, or stay in one of the many coastal-getaways such as Cairns, Airlie Beach, Hervey Bay, Mission Beach and Port Douglas etc.

Turtle in great barrier reef
Turtle in great barrier reef

Don’t miss

  • Sail through the 74 idyllic islands of the Whitsundays.
  • Stay in island resorts among the clear and warm waters of the Great Barrier Reef and the Coral Sea.
  • You can View and experience incredible marine life from over and under the water.

How to get there

Book flight tickets at guaranteed affordable prices. from here easily.

International flights fly directly into Cairns Airport, while domestic flights fly onto Hamilton Island or into Proserpine (on the Whitsunday Coast) or Townsville airports on the mainland. The gateway town for many island resorts in the Whitsundays is Airlie Beach, a 25-minute shuttle bus from Proserpine Airport.


Cruise Michaelmas Cay, the Great Barrier Reef

You can Visit the Great Barrier Reef in style on board Ocean Spirit, a 32 mtr (105 ft), high performance catamaran. Its sails daily from Cairns to Michaelmas Cay, a stunning reef sand island. You can dive and snorkel the reef among the turtles and colorful fish, lie on the deck and soak up the sun or enjoy a glass-bottomed boat tour. It is also home to more than 23 species of sea bird and is one of the most significant bird sanctuaries on the Great Barrier.

Seaplane over Heart Reef

Heart Coral The Great Barrier Reef
Heart Coral Australia

The perfect romantic surprise for your loved one by flying over the world famous natural wonder, Heart Reef. From above you shall not only marvel at the pure turquoise waters, but also you can see the composition of coral that has naturally shaped itself into a heart. This scenic flight is just one of the tours offered by Air Whitsunday and GSL Aviation, with the white silica sand of Whitehaven Beach on Whitsunday Island also on the menu.

Chris Ajinkort Reef

Clear Water Clown Fish in The Great Barrier Reef
Clear Water Clown Fish

The Ajinkort Rift has more than 16 dive sites. Which has made it diverse and a popular destination for snorkels. QuickSilver Cruise will take you on a journey to the famous Jewel National Patti Reef at the very edge of the Great Barrier Reef. From the spacious activity platform you will be able to snorkel in the underwater world filled with water and magnificent kaleidoscopes. At the same time you can dive and walk with a helmet.

Sail or skydive the Whitsundays in The Great Barrier Reef

skydive the Whitsundays in the Great Barrier Reef
skydive the Whitsundays

It is hard to beat the romance of sailing through the Whitsunday-Islands. Think spectacular sunsets, clear moonlit-nights, secluded beaches and pure-air. You can snorkel, sail, dive and swim at sheltered-anchorages such as Blue-Pearl, Butterfly and Hook Island-bays. Visit Whitsunday Island & walk the pure white-silica-sands of White haven Beach. Several cruise companies will you provide with all that you need, including Sailing-Whitsundays and Prosail. If you had rather-up the adrenaline, sign up to skydive into one of the most picturesque drop-zones in the world.

Trek the Thorsborne Trail in The Great Barrier Reef

Hinchinbrook Island
Hinchinbrook Island

Along the eastern coast of Hinchinbrook Island, an untouched tropical paradise on the coast between Townsville & Cairns, is the 4 day, 32 KM (20 mile) Thorsborne Trail traversing cloud cloaked mountains, jungle like rainforest & pristine beaches. See a panorama of wildlife, from butterflies & birds to turtles, crocodiles, dolphins and dugongs . You can book a permit in advance especially to stay in one of the seven camping areas accessed from the trail then reach the island on a ferry or water – taxi from the mainland – towns of Cardwell or Lucinda.

Witness island wildlife, The Great Barrier Reef

Blue turtles on brown sand
Blue turtles on brown sand

The island of this place hold as much wildlife on-land as they do in the sea. Just a 20 minutes ferry ride off the coast from Townsville, Magnetic Island offers a large koala population. The cuddle creatures live peacefully in the wild throughout the island, up in the treetops both in park – areas and more inhabited parts of the islands. Take the Forts Walk to reach the best – places to see them & enjoy the 360 degree views too. On Daydream Island, you shall find a man made Living Reef, where you can hand feed the friendly baby-stingrays. The reef is also home to more than 140 species of marine – fish & 83 species of corals. Visit the Southern – Great – Barrier Reef to see baby-turtles hatch on the beach.

Relax in Airlie Beach

Airlie Beach Travel Dover
Airlie Beach

The coastal-village of Airlie Beach is a vibrant town filled with palm fringed beaches, waterfront parks & alfresco dining restaurants. You are sure to instantly warm to its bohemian-charm & carefree ambience. Queensland’s warm, tropical climate means winters at Airlie-beach are very mild & you can enjoy water-activities all the year round.

Sleep on the Reef

dive & snorkeling
Dive & snorkeling

Pro Dive Cairn’s 3 days live-aboard dive & snorkeling cruise is ideal for adventure-seekers. The custom designed dive vessels take guests to a choice of Sixteen exclusive dive-sites & offer a vast array of marine-environments for divers & snorkellers to explore. You can also take part in 2 night dives, offering a unique-chance to see marine-life that you would never see during the day.

Cruise to uninhabited island

The Great Barrier Reef’s Frankland-Islands might be uninhabited, but that does not mean you can not appreciate the island’s rich coral-reefs, diverse aquatic-life and pristine -stretches of sand. Hop on a day tour with Frankland-Islands-Reef Cruises, which begins and ends with a cruise along the rain forest lined Mulgrave River. Snorkel straight from the beach & glide through the water with turtles, tropical fish & if the season is right, manta-rays. Dive-deeper into the under water world with a scuba dive-session, or stay-dry on the glass bottom-boat that allows you to see the flurry of life below. The day tour also includes a tropical buffet-lunch and knowledgeable-crew to teach you and your family about the local-ecosystems.


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