Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is an island nation of diversity and beauty. Beaches full of breathtaking natural beauty and diverse cultural heritage have made Sri Lanka one of the most attractive travel destinations for tourists from all over the world.

The country has many sights, sites and traditions to visit. Fascinated by the beauty of Sri Lanka, Italian tourist Marco Polo called it the ‘most beautiful island’. Being located in the same region, the cost of traveling to Sri Lanka is lower than many other countries.

Sri Lanka Lake

Tuktuk has made the means of communication for the residents of Colombo, the capital of Sri Lanka, very easy and affordable. Seeing the amount of tuk-tuks in the city, many call Colombo the city of tuk-tuk. The three-wheeler is also contributing a lot to the development of tourism in the city of Colombo.

The weather is quite nice due to the geographical location of Sri Lanka. Its climate is temperate due to the presence of sea around it. There is significant rainfall in October and November. So it is better for tourists to avoid this time. The best time of the year to visit this countryis from December to March.This country is very suitable for travel.

Sri Lanka is the cleanest country in South Asia. Sri Lanka is also the best in South Asia in terms of politeness and civility in the behavior of the people of the society. We must all travel to such a beautiful country.

If you want to travel to Sri Lanka without the crowds and enjoy the natural beauty, then the north side of Colombo will be better for you. You will be mesmerized by the beauty and wildlife of Lake Kalpitia and Wilpattu National Park. There are also Golden Temples Dambul, Lankatilke, Anuradhapura, Tiwanka and Thuparama, Dalada Maligawa, Sigiriya, Sita Amman Temple and Ashoka Batika which attract tourists.

Sri Lanka Beach
Sri Lanka Beach

There are many cheap hotels in Nigombo, a small coastal town not far from Colombo. There are also sky-high priced hotels, but the expensive ones are already filled with bookings of tour guides. Small backpacks are good for backpackers. If you want to stay longer, you can also rent an apartment. Katamaran (special boat) can be traveled to the bay. The sea is almost calm here. Those who have a habit of swimming in the sea will be able to swim comfortably. If the weather is right, you can swim about 50 meters away from the shore.

Mihin Lanka flights from Kolkata International Airport three days a week. Mihin Lanka offers world class services at low cost. Then the city of Colombo is a favorite tuktuk for tourists rather than a private car or jeep. Some locals call it auto, some call it three wheeler, some call it CNG. This three wheeler has been very popular all over Sri Lanka including Colombo since many years ago. Much more affordable and safer than taxi cabs, app-based services or jeeps to any destination.

Sri Lanka Beach
Sri Lanka Beach

Most of the Tuktuk drivers in this city speak English. As a result, most of the day they work as a driver as well as a tour guide. Tutukke Colombo City tour takes 2 to 3 three hours. During this time you can visit the Gangarama Temple, Floating Market, Red Mosque, Colombo Wholesale Market, Colombo Lake.