Mount Everest
Nepal Mount

The name Nepal originates from two words, ne (sacred) and pal (cave). It means holy cave. This holy cave or Nepal is not only in South Asia but also one of the most beautiful and attractive countries in the world. Nepal’s geography is very diverse. Its total area is about 14 lakh 6 thousand 161 square kilometers (56 thousand 628 square miles). According to the diversity of topography, Nepal is divided into three parts – mountains, hilly highlands and low plains.

Nepal mountain valley
Nepal mountain valley

Nepal is like a sandwich between China and India. Eight of the world’s top 10 mountains are located along the border between Nepal and China. Here is Mount Everest, the highest peak in the world. Nepal is quite important for one more reason. Because it is believed that Gautama Buddha, the founder of Buddhism, was born in Lumbini, Nepal.

Some information about Nepal travel.

Culture Be sure to learn about their culture before traveling to Nepal. When meeting someone in their culture, the first thing to do is to say namaste or namaskar by forcing your hands in the posture of prayer. If you want to ask an elder for an address, you have to address the sister in the case of women and the midwife in the case of men. In Nepal, there is no tradition of showing respect on foot.

In Nepal, it is better not to come to the locality after wearing shorts. This is especially true for women. Wearing short clothes can cause many people to frown. If you go to invite a Nepali family, you must take off your shoes before entering the house. Wash your hands and face before eating. Do not take the food yourself until it is served at meal time.

Mountain climbing time

Mountain Climbing
Mountain Climbing

Go to Nepal and do not climb the mountain, so what happens! If you are not a professional mountaineer, it is better to go to a small hill. In that case the risk is less. It’s best to keep up with a local companion or guide when climbing. Otherwise climbing to unfamiliar places can be risky. In addition, there are some companies in Nepal to climb the mountain, you can contact them.

Remember not to climb the mountain without preparation

Visit Mount Everest If you want to see Mount Everest up close, you can rent a small plane. There are many air rental companies in the capital Kathmandu. However, if you want to climb Mount Everest on foot, you have to work hard. You have to take training in advance. There are various guide firms in the city for this. Contact them they can help you.

You can also see Mount Everest by going to Nagarkot. In that case you have to take a bus from Kathmandu to Nagarkot. From this place you can see the summit of Mount Everest.