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Maldives or Republic of Maldives (Jumhuriya in hivehi State) is an island nation in the Indian Ocean. Its capital is Male. This country is member of SAARC. This country is a land of great beauty. Famous for tourism, the country has a maximum elevation of only 2.3 meters above sea level and an average elevation of only 1.5 meters. The Maldives is made up of more than 1,200 small islands.Arabic and various Indian languages. English is used in the international trade and tourism industry.

Naming of Maldives

There is considerable disagreement over the naming of the Maldives. Some claim that the Maldives means ‘Mail Island Raj’ or a patriarchal state. Originally ‘island’ is a Sanskrit word and the word ‘goods’ is consistent with the name of the country’s capital. During the colonial period, Dachra mentions the name of the archipelago as Maldives in their documents. Later the British used the same name, which was used as the local name of the country.


The population of the Maldives is about three million. 100 percent Muslims. Dhivehi language or Maldivian language is the official language of Maldives. Almost all of these islands speak a variety of dialects. There is also Sinhala, Arabic and various Indian languages. English is used in the international trade and tourism industry.

A Island of Maldives

Marine fish have been the mainstay of the country’s economy since ancient times. However, at present the country has also made significant progress in the tourism industry. It can be said that the biggest industry of the country is now tourism. The tourism industry accounts for 26 per cent of the total income and 80 per cent of the total foreign income. In 1979, the country’s government announced its first economic reform program. At this time liberal policy was adopted in the field of foreign investment. The country’s GDP growth has averaged more than 7.8 percent over the past decade.

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