Lake Superior is the largest fresh-water lake

Lake Superior is the largest fresh-water lake in the world. It is bounded on the south by Michigan & Wisconsin on the north by Ontario, Canada, on the west by Minnesota, USA. The lake is 563 km long and 257 km wide. The average depth of the lake is 484 feet and the maximum depth is about 1332 feet. The length of the coastal area of ​​Lake Superior, including the coastal area of ​​the floating islands, is about 4387 km. Lake Superior is a small sea. There are some amazing caves on the shores of Lake Superior and on the sandstone hills. Inside the caves are numerous chambers, large and small.

Lake Superior is the largest fresh-water lake

Beautiful natural caves

The waves of Superior Lake have been crashing against sandstone walls for millions of years, creating some very beautiful natural caves. The caves change color at different seasons of the year. The water from the springs flowing down the lake from the surrounding hills touches the caves. Most cave floors are submerged in lake water all year round. On a stormy day, a 45-foot surge over Lake Superior broke over the caves.

Lake Superior is the largest fresh-water lake

Cruise Service

The Apostle Island Cruise Service operates small ships to visit the caves on Devil’s Island, Sand Island, and other islands during the summer. Tourists take kayaks with guides and walk around the caves, which are a few kilometers long and have numerous chambers. Be fascinated by the beautiful and terrifying beauty of the caves.

Lake Superior is the largest fresh-water lake

Lake Superior in winter.

Lake Superior takes on a completely unfamiliar form in winter. The vast expanse of Lake Superior is hidden beneath the thick ice. It is one of the coldest lakes in the world. Like the Arctic, it became an ice desert. From January to mid-March, the lake is covered with ice.

Lake Superior takes on a completely unfamiliar form in winter

The caves on Lake Superior take on an incredible shape in the winter. Waves crashing into the cave froze into ice. The water of the spring coming down from the hill also freezes inside the cave. This is how the icy cycle is made. From the roofs of the caves, it hangs with a sharp needle-like tip. These sometimes fall to the floor of the cave. More tourists come to see the caves in winter than in summer.

Requires permission

But you can’t go to the cave if you want to. This requires permission. Staff at the Apostle Island National Lake Shore examine the accumulated ice on the route from the cave to the shore. The test lasted for several days. The durability and bearing capacity of the ice were tested. After confirmation, the day to visit the caves was announced. Yet it is always dangerous to go near caves. This is because the strong winds push the water under the ice and the ice layer can burst. The tourists may be in danger. So the ice is tested every day. Rescue teams and helicopters are always ready for tourists.

The ideal place to visit

The ideal place to visit the icy caves of Myers Beach Lake Superior in Bayfield County, USA. The distance from the end of Myers Road to the first cave is about 2 km. It is easy to walk on foot. You have to be mentally ready to walk on the rough ice.

Must wear warm clothing. You should also wear black glass goggles and snow boots. The thorns should be worn on the bottom of the metal frame or crampon boots. An ice stick should be taken in hand. All the equipment to go to the caves is available for rent at the local travel agency. Skiing is the best way to get to the caves. Those who can’t ski have to walk. Take with adequate water, food, and medicine. The reason must be for seven hours.

You have to pay five dollars before going to see the cave. Tourists who go without a guide are requested not to be overzealous. Beware of cracks in the ice on the way. These are very dangerous. Ice can fall from the roof of the cave from time to time. It is also said to be careful about this.
Many accidents have occurred due to wind blowing through caves, icy cycles, or ice cubes. Some tourists also have accidents every year. However, the number of tourists does not decrease every year, but the number of tourists increases every year.

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