Japan is an island nation in East Asia. The country stretches from the Sea of ​​Japan in the Pacific Ocean, the East China Sea, China, North Korea, South Korea and Russia to the northeast of the Okhotsk Sea in the north to the Southeast China Sea and Taiwan. The kanji is a Japanese word. Which meaning is “source of the sun”. Japan is termed the land of the rising sun.

Japan is a composite volcanic archipelago. The archipelago consists of 7,752 islands. The four largest islands in Japan are Honshu, Hokkaido, Kyushu and Shikoku. These four islands cover 98% of Japan’s land area. Japan has a population of 128 million. It is the 10th largest country in the world in terms of population.

Travel destinations

Japan is popular travel destinations in the world. This developed country of Asia is a wonderful example of Michelle’s tradition and modernity. Just as there are ancient buildings and temples here, there are also outstanding achievements of modern architecture and engineering technology.

The natural beauty of Japan possible enjoyed throughout the year. Moreover, Japan is the least crime prone country in the world. So Japan is the ideal place for tourists. Let’s find out about some of the sights in Japan.

Golden Pavilion

Japan Golden Pavilion

The Golden Pavilion Temple is a popular tourist destination in Japan. Also called Kinkaku-ji. Resulting in its reflection in the pond.

Japan Mount Fuji

Mount Fuji
Mount Fuji

Mount Fuji is the highest mountain in Japan. Its height is 1238 feet It is a place of interest for mountaineers and visitors.
Every year 200,000 people go to this mountain for climbing, of which 30% are foreign tourists. It takes 3 to 6 hours to climb this mountain and 2 to 5 hours to land.

Tokyo Imperial Palace

Tokyo Imperial Palace
Tokyo Imperial Palace

The national capital Imperial Palace is that the residence of the Emperor of Japan. It is an administrative center.

The new palace uses old-fashioned design elements.The palace has various reception rooms to welcome guests and visitors.

Tokyo Tower

Japan Tokyo Tower
Tokyo Tower

The Tokyo Tower is a witness to the advancement of technology and modern life.Visitors can climb the tower to see Tokyo and its surroundings and visit its shops and restaurants.

This domed monument is located in a park. Only one building stood in the area after the bombing. Visitors to this place can appreciate the value of human life.

Also worth mentioning are Jigokudani Monkey Park, Kiyomizu Dera, Himeji Castle, Great Buddha of Kamakura, Todayiji Temple, Historic Kyoto City, Temple City Nara, Asaka Castle, Atsuta Temple in Nagua City and Shinjuku, Ginja, Shibuya in Tokyo Place.