China great wall
Shanghai Town

China is a country whose name will make you want to go to this country. There are so many sights, tourist attractions and tourist activities that you will miss a lot of things in there if you don’t plan a long tour. There are thousands of years old antique things to see in this place.

The Great Wall of China, the temple-like hills, the picturesque villages of Chinese where people don’t count the time, all the wonderful reservoirs, the Buddhist temples and the ancient forts that stand like a lone saint at times – all in all, China alone is like a big tourist package. China is also famous for its landscape, from Alpha to Omega.

China has a sapphire lake in Tibet, an extraordinary desert in Mongolia, and a hip-hop island in Hong Kong.
There is also the beautiful Yangshuo like a fairy tale, the huge paddy field in the south, the Yuan in the yellow mustard field. There are many more things to see in this country, such as the hilltops, the green bamboo gardens that stand alongside the famous Great Wall.

China Yuan in the yellow mustard field
Yuan in the yellow mustard field

Visit the cities in China

China town Shanghai:

China Shanghai town
China Shanghai town night view

Shanghai, the largest city in China and the second largest tower in the world is located in this city. Today, Shanghai’s own Michelin dining guide has been created in the hotels where food was served in tin trays only 30 years ago. Notable tourist attractions of Shanghai are The Bond, Uien Garden and Bazaar, M50, France Concession, West Lake, Jingan Temple etc.

China town Hong Kong:

China Hong Kong skyline
Hong Kong skyline

Hong Kong City’s iconic skyline, legendary kitchen, nearby high-rise buildings, etc. will draw you in like a drug. Important tourist spots of Hong Kong like Star Ferry, Victoria Peak, Man Mo Temple, Temple Street Night Market, Hong Kong Wetland Park etc. Beijing: There are very few places in the world where there are so many historical monuments like Beijing. Beijing is home to some of the most modern buildings in the world, as well as a collection of ancient architecture.


China Chengdu

Huanglong or Adventure-filled Dragon National Park, nestled in the middle of a high mountain range, Lhasa’s breathtaking mountain trekking, rafting in clear water, Chengdu’s best tourist attraction. Macao: This city in southern China, once controlled by the Portuguese, is very lively. Mecca is also a paradise for gaming-addicted tourists. Mecca is also famous for its variety of shows, amusement parks and night tours.


China Guangzhou town
China Guangzhou town

Guangzhou, the capital of Guangdong Province, is the third largest city in China and a commercial center. Located on the banks of the Pearl River, this city has been used as an important port of Hong Kong for hundreds of years.