The address of the Alps Mountains is equally crowded with tourists in Austria both in summer and winter. Austria is a smallest countries in Europe. This country in the Alpine Republic has some of Europe’s most famous skiing spots. These are great for snow and skiing in the winter.

The eastern Alpine Mountains cover about 80 percent of Austria. The Danube, one of the country’s rivers, flows about 350 km from south to east. Tourists come to Austria to enjoy the beauty of the Alpine Mountains. They also visit the famous cities of Vienna and Salzburg.

Let’s take a look at what you will see when you travel to Austria or where you will visit the country.

1. The Vienna Hofburg – The Royal Palace of Austria

Hofburg Imperial Place
Hofburg Imperial Place

The Hofburg Palace in Vienna, Austria, has been the only permanent address of the Austrian royal family for nearly a decade. The royal family that lived in the palace was called Habsburg. Now the president of Austria runs the state in the same houses that were once under Emperor Joseph II.
Almost all Austrian rulers have stayed in the palace for some time. Gradually they have changed the architectural style of the palace. That Hofburg Palace stands today on about 59 acres of land. There are about 19 separate gardens and about 2,600 rooms. The main attractions here are the Royal Silver Reserve, the CC Museum and the Royal Chambers.

2. The Austrian city of Salzburg

Salzburg Fountain Austria
Salzburg Fountain Austria

The Austrian city of Salzburg, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a land of great importance for European Christians as it is the permanent residence of Prince Archbishop. The residence of the Prince Archbishop was established by St. Rupert in the old town of Saltsburgh in 790 AD.

Salzburg Altstadt
Salzburg Altstadt

The archbishops gave the most famous architects and painters of that time the responsibility of elevating the architectural style of their churches, residences and monasteries to a very high level. Although later everything was updated again. In the alleys of Oli here, one can find a unique experience full of crafts, the main part of which is the medieval and baroque buildings. Several churches and museums can be found within walking distance.

3. The Spanish Riding School, Vienna, Austria

The Spanish Riding School, Vienna
The Spanish Riding School, Vienna,

The Spanish Riding School dates back to the reign of Emperor Maximilian II, who first imported the famous horse Lipizan to Austria. This school is basically a school for teaching horse riding. The school is one of the few in the world to still be royally taught first-class horseback riding.

This school was established in 1735. All of its great halls are built in such a way that the riders can fully express their craftsmanship. While in Vienna, seeing an exhibition of impeccably tall horses is one of the things to do. While in Vienna, it is wise to buy tickets online as soon as possible.

4. Schonbrunn Palace

Vienna Schönbrunn Austria Castle Schönbrunn Palace
Vienna Schönbrunn Austria Castle Schönbrunn Palace

One of the most popular tourist destinations in the remotest parts of Vienna is the Schonbrunn Palace. The palace was built in the early 1700 s. According to the last conversion, it was later used as the summer residence of Empress Maria Theresa. The main attraction of the Schonbrunn Palace tour is the 40 rooms of the palace which are open to the public.

Schonbrunn Palace
Schonbrunn Palace

The royal rooms, with their magnificent galleries and all the wonderful paintings painted across the ceilings of the palaces fascinate and amaze the tourists. Built on about 500 acres of land, one of the attractions of this huge palace is the well-appointed exhibition room of Queen Theresa which is decorated with rose wood panels, glass house etc. Tourists also take a long time to visit the palace, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

5. Hallstatt and Dachstein  Salzkammergut

Hallstatt and Dachstein    Salzkammergut
Hallstatt and Dachstein  Salzkammergut

Hallstatt is one of the smallest and most picturesque cities in Austria. The architectural style of the Baroque style buildings gives a clear idea of ​​the economic base of the city. Although one of the most beautiful places in Austria is the Duchstein Salzkammergut, any nature-loving tourist must come to Hallstat. The city has a long tradition of salt production.

There is also Salt Lake near Hornerwerk Cave. Dachstein Cave is one of the most beautiful cave mouths in Europe which is about 1,174 meters deep. This place is basically for those who have been looking for a touch of nature in the brick-and-stone crowd of Austrian palaces for so long. There are some great caves like ice waterfall, Giant Ice Cave, Mammoth Cave. And the surrounding Alps do not diminish their beauty for a moment in the eyes of tourists.

6. Kitzbuheler Horn

Kitzbüheler Horn
Kitzbüheler Horn

Austria has some great skiing zones for those who enjoy skiing on ice. The skiing zone of Kitzbuhel is the most popular of them all. For ice-lovers, Kitzbuhel has a skiing area of ​​about 160 km, with mountain huts in place where traditional alpine food can be found.

Although the venue of the most difficult skiing competition “Hahnenkam” in Kitzbuhel, it offers skiing opportunities at all levels in its three skiing areas. However, not only skiers go to Kitzbuhel, but also many ordinary tourists. Because Kitzbuhel is also one of the most beautiful alpine villages.

7. Krimml Waterfalls Austria

 Krimml Waterfalls Austria
Krimml Waterfalls Austria

The highest waterfall in Austria is the Kremler Aik. At a height of about 360 meters, this waterfall is basically a combination of three waterfalls. A beautiful holiday in Austria can be spent in the village of Krimml, not far from this waterfall. The village of Krimml is located about 1,07 m above sea level and its access road is completely covered with the shade of all the tall trees.

Austria Krimml Waterfalls
Krimml Waterfalls Austria

So if you want to hike in Austria, Krimml can be an ideal travel destination. On the way to this hike you will find wonderful small waterfalls and at the very end you will come to this high waterfall called Kremler Aik. After soaking in the waterfalls, skilled trekkers set out on a journey to reach farther, higher altitudes, culminating in Glockenkarkf, the Italian frontier.

Although small in size, Austria is a very beautiful country. It is possible to visit a few countries in Europe. Notable tourist destinations in Austria are described above. It’s time to turn around with money and time. Travel to Austria, a country in the Alps, is beautiful, affordable and safe.


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