Pottery of Bangladesh, the history of Bangladesh is about two and a half thousand years old. Maybe even longer. We still do not know everything about this history. A lot of old things are covered in the game of light and darkness. History has identified the lives of all kinds of people. My idea is that we should know about the history of the country and the nation and the continuous changes in the way of life.

People of various professions have been living in Bangladesh since time immemorial. Some of them are fishermen, some are potters, some are farmers, some are working in the office court. Among these professionals who are involved in pottery are potters. The potter community of this country has been making pottery for ages. Whenever something is beautifully painted, made or sung, it becomes art. And those who create this art are also one artist.

Earthenware, মাটির তৈজসপত্র

They make these earthenware products with a lot of care and labor. Which requires handicrafts and technical knowledge. However, this is very easy for the potters of our country. Because they have been doing this for generations. Many days ago, ordinary people used to cook in earthen pots. ‘Jala, Hari, Telni’ were commonly used in these pots.

Pottery of Bangladesh in rural life

Rural life in Bangladesh is rich in folk art and folk culture. From time immemorial, various folk arts have been practiced in the villages of this country. One of the traditions and pride of the Bengali nation is pottery. This industry has developed in our country since ancient times. The potters make their living by skillfully making goods from clay, highlighting the country’s traditions.

Main material

The main material of this industry is soil. However, this is not done with all soils. Clean clay soil is required. Different shapes are made by softening clay. For example, utensils like Hari, Patil, Sara, Sanki etc. are made.
Also made are floral designs on the earthen floor, Rabindranath, a picture of a young woman in a bandage, a copy of Zainul’s pushing the wheel of a bullock cart, a picture of a flying fairy, a picture of a peacock boat, Nazrul playing the flute with his eyes closed. There is a design carved on wood for each image. They made a pata by pressing mud on it.

The design came out in the mud. Patas are made by burning with a bamboo pen. And in this way the potters make pottery very efficiently.

There was a time when potters only made earthenware. But that day is no more. Now they build statues of celebrities with clay. These days it is better to sell them. Many people buy cheap to decorate the walls of the house.

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Bangladesh has a glorious tradition of pottery. In ancient times, pottery played an important role in the economic development of Bangladesh. The people of the potter community in different parts of the country used to make various utensils for the daily needs of the people. As a result, a strong economy was built around it.

The condition of the pottery in this country is currently miserable. Over time, people have been using fancy materials made of glass, porcelain, melamine, steel, brass, aluminum, etc. As a result, pottery is not able to survive in the competition.

Pottery is an important ancient art of this country. The people of the potter community work hard and carefully create various works of art with their skillful handicrafts. At present pottery has gained importance as a cottage industry. With proper patronage and proper evaluation, pottery can also play a significant role in achieving economic self-sufficiency in Bangladesh.

The ancient art of Bangladesh is found in pottery. Not only do they create images of fame, but they also choose subjects known as history and tradition as subjects of art. Modernization of this industry is very necessary to contribute to the social and economic development of this country.

People of all levels must come forward.
Excavations at Mahasthangarh in Bogra have uncovered pottery. The origin of pottery is in the Harappan civilization. Pottery of Dhamrai is a village famous for pottery in Bangladesh. Dhamrai has various pottery villages like Kumarpara, Shimulia, Palpara, Nunun Das etc.

Bangladeshi Terracotta
Bangladeshi Terracotta

Their charity for their pottery skills and the residence of the Pala family for generations. Most of the artisans work here as freelancers. They make the product and sell it in the local market.

The products produced here are being exported to about 15 countries of the world by meeting the demand of the country. These products are being exported to about 15 countries of the world including America, London, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Malaysia, Canada, Japan, Holland, Italy.

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