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Bhutan travel

Bhutan travel. After visiting Nepal, my usual office started again at 9 or 6 o’clock. There is no diversity. I often take out pictures of Nepal and sigh. Sajek took the bike to make the mind better. Sajek is a very beautiful place, but it didn’t fill my mind. I sat down and planned that the next tour in Bhutan. I sat down to plan the tour.

Something about Bhutan

In the meantime, I watched a video on Bhutan while watching a video on YouTube. From there I learned that Bhutan is the only country in the world that is carbon negative. That means they absorb more than the amount of carbon they produce.

Bhutan travel
Bhutan travel, Pagoda

They are again trying to further reduce carbon emissions by generating electricity through renewable energy. I read a lot of blogs about this country before I went to Bhutan. The thing that was common to every blog was the cleanliness of Bhutan and the behavior of the people of that country. The thing about how to be bad doesn’t seem to have entered the minds of the people of this country. The main religion of Bhutan is Buddhism. Bhutan is famous for its extraordinary landscapes and monasteries.

Being close to Tibet, their culture is similar to Tibetan culture. Many of us have the idea that Bhutan is still a monarchy. They have a special love for dragons. They call their king in the local language – “Lord of Thunder Dragon”.

My trip to Bhutan

Bhutan travel
Bhutan Mountain, Bhutan travel

Getting started Bhutan travel

Although he wanted to go on December 23, he got into trouble with the plane ticket. Christmas on the 25th. Everyone’s holiday abroad. And all the tickets are booked as Bhutan Airlines is also one. I couldn’t go by bus for two reasons. One is less time. Another is that I already had a 1-year India visa. After a lot of struggle, I was able to manage the ticket at 10:13. I will be able to travel for 4 days instead of 5 days. And on this tour, I got Araf as my companion.

The first day of Bhutan travel

Flight at 9.30 am on the 10th. So I reached the airport at 2 in the morning. This is Araf first trip abroad. He is very excited. I have visited Nepal before. So I kept thinking that this is what it is. I come out of the country in the morning and afternoon. Then I started to recognize different things by thinking of him. I started to give all the descriptions of how to open the belt of your pants and check while boarding.

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Trongsa Bhutan Fort, Bhutan travel

And I saw him save everything in his head like an attentive student. My enthusiasm grew, and I began to identify which was the jet plane and which was the propeller plane. I said that today we will go on a jet plane (I have never been on a jet plane before, so I am excited inside). But when all came to a halt, we saw a fan with a fan standing in front of the plane. Araf asks, brother, why the fan in your jet engine !! The poet is silent here.

My seat fell on the row before the last, behind me Araf. I couldn’t sit because the seat next to him was reserved for the cabin crew. After the plane took off, I got up and went back. Then he said to himself, if we can so that we can call him, then he will show us around. Then there were many stories with him. Meanwhile, seeing us eating free beer, the man in front of us turned around and said, “Brother, do you give it to everyone or only to you?” I said I don’t think everyone gives. So he got upset and sat down again.

After moving closer to Paro, Kait began to descend slowly down the hill. When the plane landed between the two hills, the house was so close to the house that maybe if I tried I could watch TV in the house of one or two people.

It was very hot in Dhaka, so I gave my jacket with my luggage. He was wearing only a shirt. I realized how big a mistake it was after landing. It seemed from the inside that there was a lot of sunshine outside. But as soon as I got out of the plane, I saw that this roid did not have any bail. The particles were cold, the temperature was about ৭ ~ degrees.
The only thing that catches the eye of Bhutan with this foot is their cleanliness. There is not so much dirt anywhere.

And respect for their own culture will catch the eye. Almost all the houses in Bhutan look almost the same. Same design from government office-court to public toilets. And almost everyone wears their own clothes ‘Kira’.
After a short photo session in front of the airport, we left for Thimphu.
We reserved a taxi. My plan today was to get a permit to go to Punakha from Thimphu (if you want to go to Punakha, you have to take permission from Thimphu separately). And the desire to go to Punakha was by Royal Enfield bike. My long-held dream is to run a Royal Enfield. I will rent a bike today and leave Punakha tomorrow morning.

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But all the time everything happens as planned. I was taking a taxi out of the airport and going straight to the hillside. A hilly river next to the road. It was as if I had moved to Europe.
The driver started asking us where I came from, how long I would stay, where I would go. He heard our plan and said, “You can’t get a permit today, the office is closed.” Lightning struck my head. It took me so little time, so every hour is important to me. Araf started asking me what to do. I quietly rescheduled the whole plan in a minute. Then I wondered if any place was left out. Then I told the driver to turn the car, today we will go to Che Le La Pass.

Che le la

Temple Buddhist, Bhutan travel

Che Le La Pass is 3988 m above sea level, about 13,000 feet, and is the highest point on Dantak Road. To get here, you have to climb up the hill for about two and a half hours. Suddenly I climbed so high in 2 hours from a flat place like Dhaka that I started having headaches and nausea. But to the beauty of the surroundings, it was very insignificant. Another thing that catches the eye is the warnings for drivers written on cement boards on the side of the road. Such as –

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  • Be Mr. Late, not Late Mr.
  • Peep peep, don’t sleep
  • If you are married, divorce speed
  • He who touches ninety, flies to die at nineteen
  • Drive fast and test out rescue
  • Fast isn’t always first
  • After drinking whiskey, driving is risky

Coming very close to the pass, I saw the snow-capped peak of ‘Jamalhari’. Its height is 7326 m or 24035 feet, the second highest peak in Bhutan. Many also call Jamalhari the bride of Kanchenjunga. The Paro river is formed from this hill.
Tibetan Buddhists consider this mountain to be very sacred. They think that this mountain was the abode of one of the five ‘Tsheringma Sisters’. Telling the story of these sharingmas will start another history. All I can say is that these five sisters swear to Guru Padmasambhava to protect the Buddhist culture and the local people. The Buddhists also believed that since the mountain was sacred, no one could reach its summit. If he wants to go, he will be thrown away. In 1937, a British expedition team was allowed to summit, and they reached the summit on May 21, 1936. Why didn’t you throw them away?

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There was a high place next to the pass. We bought water, chips, and a packet of dried fruit from Tong to get a good view. I lost my breath in 5 minutes. Then I can’t think how I came up with Annapurna track 2 months ago. I see Araf getting up fast. I slowly got up to eat a tasteless dry fruit.
Prayer flags hung by Buddhists can be seen almost everywhere in the Himalayan range. Bhutan is no exception.

But when I came here, I saw some other shape prayer flags. A white cloth tied lengthwise with a bamboo-like flag. I have never seen anything like this before, I never knew. At first, I thought the flag type might be something.
After going a little farther, you could see rows and rows of hills and small houses in the valley between them. I sat quietly for a while and watched. I gave my camera to Araf. He kept hitting one shutter after another.

After a short photo session there, we made our way back. I just had a headache and got tired of going up and down this hill. I got in the taxi and started sleeping. In the meantime, a picture of my sleeping Toby has been taken. Araf made the mistake of taking pictures with my camera. The world can’t see the picture of me sleeping like this anymore.
After waking up I saw a taxi stand on the side of the road. There is a long straight road a little further down and a plane is going through it.

I woke up and wondered for a while what was going on. I later realized we were at Poro Birds Eye View Point. This is a slightly elevated road next to the airport with a panoramic view of the entire airport. By then it was afternoon, it was getting colder, I was sitting there wearing a shirt too. The jacket is not being taken out of the bag lazily. After spending some time here, I moved to Paro City.

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