The flower kingdom of Keukenhof in the Netherl Netherlands.


Tulip Flowers garden in Keukenhof

Welcome to the flower kingdom of Keukenhof in the Netherlands. The weather in Brussels is the same as in London. This sun, this rain. Just as there is nothing to jump for joy at seeing the sun in the morning, there is no point in sitting sullen when you see the rain. Even the occasional weather forecast doesn’t match.

 flower kingdom of Keukenhof in the Netherlands
flower kingdom of Keukenhof in the Netherland

I wanted to reassure Kamal-Polly and Azim-Parveen from London. I was talking at the breakfast table in my Brussels flat. They are only on a two-day tour. Already one day the soil. From this morning onwards, there was a disturbance in Meghpion’s bag. Something worked as the song was floated on Srikant Acharya on YouTube. I saw the face and the clouds of the sky cut together.

Red Tulip Flower Plant

Today’s plan is Keukenhof. This huge flower garden in the town of Lise, not far from Amsterdam. Take public transport straight from Brussels to Shiffle International Airport. It will take a couple of hours. Bus number 361 from there, another 30 minutes. There is also a special shuttle from the airport during the flowering season. Between March and May of the year, only the eighth week is open, the paradise of tulips – Keukenhof. The rest of the time is spent in flower cultivation, ancillary work and preparation for the fair.

Tulip garden in flower kingdom of Keukenhof
Tulip garden

That’s why I think so much about the weather. If there is no bright sun, will you be able to talk to the flowers?
The car runs straight north from Brussels. Kamal is driving. The car had GPS. Still sitting next to Azim in the role of live GPS.

The Dutch word kyukenhof means ‘henschel garden’. Its main attraction is this pre-summer flower show. In fact, the tulip is a paradise. This garden is spread over ninety eight acres. At least seven million tulips bloom every year at this time.

Tulip garden in flower kingdom of Keukenhof, Travel Dover
Tulips Park Netherlands Keukenhof Garden Flower

As we cross the Hague, we see flower gardens on either side of the road. With a wide area. The Dutch tulipmania, of course, is not new. What many do not know is that the tulip originated in the Himalayan region. In the Tian Shan mountain area. From there it reached the Netherlands via Turkey in the sixteenth century.

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History has it that the Turkish sultans had a tulip party in the garden in the spring. The first tulips were seen in Belgium in 1560 in Antwerp and McLean. And in 1593 at Leiden’s Botanical Gardens.

Travel Dover, Tulip garden flower kingdom of Keukenhof

We have arrived. It is almost noon. The sun is peeking through the clouds. It took another twenty minutes to cross the parking lot and reach the front of the gate.

I immediately bought the ticket and got access. Volunteers handed out maps of the garden. Maps and brochures then? Everywhere I look, flowers and flowers. As if I came to the sea of ​​flowers. Thousands of welcomes, thousands of types. There are about two thousand species of tulips alone. Ongoing research. At least a hundred new species are added to the garden each year.

Tulip garden flower kingdom of Keukenhof
flower kingdom of Keukenhof Tulip garden

Dear reader, this time I am really worried. In what language would I describe all such unique landscapes and rows of tulip flower?

The click of the camera continued for about three minutes, standing still. Who reminded me, the garden is 32 hectares. And there are 60 lakh flowers. If you stand in one place for so long, it will take a week to see the whole garden.

I continued to move slowly towards the north. Rows of tulip gardens on either side of the path. Some are beautiful red, some orange, some garden purple, turquoise, maroon, yellow or white tulips. Like a carpet of various prints on the side of the road. At times, it seemed, the small tulip blocks in the vast ocean were colorful dinghy boats where lamps, masts, and sails সব all decorated in unique colors.

flower kingdom of Keukenhof Tulip garden
Flower Garden Keukenhof 

Flower kingdom of Keukenhof, a charming arrangement in color-smell-rhythm. This is like a hypnotic formula that makes the mind anxious at the moment! Or is it a magic.

Oh tulip. This is the flower whose value once shook the whole world. That though for a limited time. The situation reached such a stage that in March 1838, the price at which a tulip with roots was being sold was about 10 times the annual salary of a skilled craftsman. No reader, not a printing error. Speaking of a tulip. However, there is no reliable or researched evidence for this information. The details of these events are found in Charles Mackay’s ‘Extremely Popular Excitement’.

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Tulip Flower Garden Keukenhof

At one point, the situation was such that someone wanted to give 12 acres of land for a semper Augustus species of tulips. Seeing all this, investment in this sector increases at high interest. And even then the real game begins – like a speculative market. Within a few days the price became normal. Thousands of tulips growers have to lose everything with high interest loans.

Flower kingdom of Keukenhof history

Kyukenhof was started as a fruit and vegetable garden for the purpose of supplying the distant Telangana fort. Bavarian Countess Jacqueline Jacoa Fan Byrne was the original entrepreneur, in the fifteenth century. And today, whether in the Netherlands or Europe, Kyukenhof is the most attractive flower garden in the world.

It would not be right to ignore the aspect of trade just by listening to the words of form-juice-smell. Kyukenhof can be said to be the capital of the Netherlands’ worldwide trade in flowers. Not just visitors, countless buyers come here from all over the world, with various orders. The Netherlands earns about 20 billion from flower exports alone. There are various income from visitors and accessories.

After passing the restaurant after tasting the flowers for more than an hour, the nostrils became restless. Everyone remembered, lunch time was coming to an end. As soon as food is available.

The crowd in the dining room has decreased. By then we were quite exhausted. I ate sandwiches, ice cream and coffee for a long time. There are several souvenir shops and pavilions next to the food court. These pavilion themes are specific. The first one I saw was Wedding Flowers. Heart shaped flower arrangements. Many colors. But white and pink are more. This part is named Wilhelmina.

Beautiful lake in front. There are also a few boats swimming in the calm waters of the lake. The usual combination of flowers on both sides. Formatted. Like the picture. Somewhere arranged in such a way as to be an abstract work of art painted with flowers.

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Keukenh Tulips Flower Field
Keukenh Tulips Flower Field 

Juliana Pavilion across the lake and beyond the fence. There is an exhibition titled ‘History of Tulip’.

The lake extends from west to east. Along the middle are two huge pavilions on either side – Orange Nassau and Willem Alexander. An exhibition of fresh flowers is also going on here. The ceilings of the two pavilions are made of clear glass. There is no lack of light. However air-conditioned. I also saw flower tubs and fresh flowers being sold. Hibiscus Exhibition at Willem Alexander. Here is a combination of jaba and similar flowers. Jaba flowers are so many types, never imagined.

Adults do not get tired of seeing and tasting flowers. However, the little ones have died a little by then. We were divided into two groups. I took a group of kids to the maze, playground, miffy house and zoo. The other team is watching the exhibition in turn. The Britannia Orchid Exhibition in the exact opposite corner of the Juliana Pavilion in Keukenhof Park. Next to it is an old style wooden windmill. It has also been put on display.

Windmills have become another name in the Dutch tradition. Windmills were used to extract and supply water from wind power, paper, tree trunks and other manufacturing plants. Technology was very popular. There were thousands of windmills scattered across the Netherlands.
But technology has changed since the Industrial Revolution. Wind turbines have taken the place of windmills. Everyone climbed the ladder to the top of the windmill. From there, bird’s eye view of the entire Keukenhof garden was available. The most interesting garden in the world seen from above. And I think, ‘Where flowers bloom, hope lives.

Notice: This year Keukenhof Virtually Open. In year 2021 Keukenhof will be open from Saturday March, 20 until Sunday May, 09.

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