The story of the Indian village Lava journey.


the Indian village Lava journey.


I will now tell you the story of the Indian village lava journey. Lava is a remote hill village or small town in Darjeeling district. Siliguri first Kalimpong then lava from there. You can also take a reserve jeep directly from Siliguri, if the team is a little heavier, which means the cost will be reduced if there is a group of 4/6/7 people.

When we reached Lava Bazaar via Siliguri, Kalimpong, it was late afternoon. But the rain that had fallen all day, the sky that was covered with clouds, and the fog that had settled in the whole Navarval forest seemed to be evening. I looked at my watch and realized that it was neither evening nor afternoon, because then it was only four o’clock!

Darjeeling toy train

Finding a place to stay the night

As soon as I got out of the jeep, I searched the small brick-and-stone houses nearby to find the address that night, at the lowest possible cost. But despite having so many lodges, I couldn’t find a place to stay because it wasn’t the tourist season. Because at this time no one usually comes to visit this area. So everyone has used the houses allotted for their tourists for other purposes. That is why we could not give any clean or suitable house to give to empty or tourists. And there is no food hotel.

So what happens now? Where will I stay and what will I eat? I sat on one side of the wet road, quite disappointed at that thought. And I took the cake and coke out of the safety equipment in the bag for all time. With this I cool my stomach for now and then I will find some way or the other inshallah. After some time, I finished my lunch with cake and coke and started walking again to find a place to stay.

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This time I started to go down a little from the Lava market. A little further on, looking for a few places, someone came by himself and asked if he wanted a room. Wow, he showed me a room on the second floor to tell him. With a large bathroom, hot water, TV (was out of order), a room with a window overlooking the mountain. I am very happy to find a place to stay or gone. And a little apprehensive thinking that the rent does not know how much it takes?

But he surprised me and asked for 600 rupees. I am happy in my heart. However, the usual bargain of the Bengalis has to be done a little, otherwise I saw the value is not 400 and I took a very good room with the caretaker for a total of 450 rupees with 50. Then I took a relaxing bath in the warm water and a light rest, changed my clothes and went out. The drizzle is still falling. But who has the power to keep me in the room in such an enchanting mountain afternoon, in the pouring rain? So I went out ignoring the rain.

I am slowly going down the hill houses on both sides. As soon as I went down, I saw the colorful monastery of Lover. The gate was open. I entered without thinking. At the gate I found a local boy who was studying in Siliguri, came to visit because the college was closed. Walking around with him, I saw Lover’s vision of a beautiful monastery, a wonderful craft setting in the hills, a different place for students to stay, read and eat. Then in the middle of that rain I started walking to reach the top of Lover Monastery.

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Pour the pitch and take the slippery road. A wonderful road has been built by cutting the back of the hill. In the distance there are stairs standing on the stairs. If the sky is not cloudy, you can see Kanchenjunga wrapped in ice in the distance! The boy said.

Darjeeling Waterfall

From there, we could see the mountains of Sikkim, the most desirable and rare for us, the villages, the roads, the rush of small cars, the small, medium and big hills, all standing in friendship with the Himalayas. I was walking, and seeing those mountain ranges from a distance, I was burning with regret. Why doesn’t he let us go in that pain. That imperfection was instantly fulfilled by the mountain peaks of the Lava Monastery, the pouring rain, the coffee and a small but rare dream cherished for many days. How?

I walked for about 10/15 minutes to reach the top of the monastery. Where I was overwhelmed by a coffee shop! I couldn’t imagine that here, on the top of this hill in this remote hilly village of Lover, you would meet a coffee shop, and there you would find smoky, warm coffee in your mind! Ah, who gets me anymore? A small but very rare dream that has been cherished in my mind for a long time has come to me in this way.

The dream was that one day I would sit on the top of a hill and watch the pouring rain, touch the rain water, sit on the top of the hill with an umbrella over my head and take a warm mug of smoked hot coffee in my hand, and touch the intoxicating taste of hot coffee on my lips!

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take a warm mug of smoked hot coffee in my hand,
Hot Coffee

It was as if the supernatural had descended into this world, when I took a mug of hot coffee in my hand, kept an umbrella in my head, and walked on the top of the Lover Mountain in the pouring rain! Ah that moment as if I had a piece of heaven in this reality world!

And in my heart I was grateful to God, to this birth, to the earth, to the mountains, to the rain, and to such a colorful and aesthetic life. Life is really beautiful, very enjoyable and if you seek great blessings, you can find little and no joy in anything.

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