Grand Canyon, the most beautiful place in the world.


Grand Canyon America Desert Landscape Arizona
Grand Canyon America Desert Landscape Arizona

One of the most beautiful canyons in the world.

If anyone is asked to call the 10 most beautiful spots in the world, I believe almost everyone will place Grand Canyon on the list. It is one of the most beautiful canyons in the world. It is famous for its beauty, mystery and diversity of creation

Arizona Canyon landscape
Grand Canyon America

Naming the Grand Canyon

Its name comes from “Ongtupqa” which means the great pass given to the Pueblo tribes. The idea is that they were the first people to live in the canyon. But Francisco Coronado brought it to the attention of modern people in the sixteenth century. Then came two priests, Francisco Dominguez and de Escalante, and brought them closer to the world in 1776. Then it became a place of pilgrimage for anthropologists, scientists and explorers. To attract people from all over the world.

Colorado River Canyon Gorge
Colorado River Canyon Gorge Grand Canyon
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Yellowstone National Park is an American national park

Yellowstone National Park


This Canyon is a colorful hill, the hills are covered with various stone layers or the hill itself may be standing in a strange beauty. The Colorado River flows through the canyon. And on its shores are more than 1800 species of plants and more than 30 species of animals. What’s not? Touches of mountains, plains, deserts or ice. Nature seems to be sitting in the Grand Canyon with its resources.

Nature Brown Sand
Sand Grand Canyon Nature Brown Sand


It is located in the northern part of the state of Arizona in the United States. The Canyon National Park is part of a huge canyon about 26 miles long, 16 miles wide and more than 1 mile deep. This passage has witnessed the world for about 200 billion years. It is also called inverted mountain because of its shape and depth. One of the outstanding wonders of nature, aesthetic, varied it can be said without a doubt.

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Desert Horseshoe Bend Arizona Geology
Desert Horseshoe Bend Grand Canyon Arizona Geology

The Grand Canyon have Two Parts

It is is divided into two parts. North Rim and South Rim. The South Rim is always open to visitors but the North Rim for a while. The South Rim is more inaccessible and the road is closed in winter. Geographically, the mountains of the South Rim are 7000 feet higher on an average. As a result, it is colder. But rainfall is noticeable in both parts. South Rim is a paradise for adventure lovers.

Scenic River Sunset
and Canyon Scenic River Sunset

How was this wonder of nature created?

There are many theories about how it was made and science has not yet been able to give an exact explanation. This canyon has a history of about 200 million years.

Grand Canyon Sunlight
Grand Canyon Sunlight

The Colorado River is the main cause of the this Canyon. This has given current form to the currents and erosion of the river. Now the question may come, how did a river with a width of only 100 meters do so much?

Grand Canyon Colorado River
Grand Canyon Colorado River

The Colorado River has been flowing for about 17 million years, which makes scientists think again about the age of the earth. Rhymes from different sources have merged with the river, the river itself has changed its course. The present-day Colorado River flows 6 km from the east, not only because it flows in stark contrast to its former course. The silt brought by the river, the stones from that silt and other regulators including earthquakes have played a direct role in this.

Grand Canyon Colorado River
Grand Canyon Colorado River

The most important controller was the steep descent, about 3.5 m per 1 km, where the river is 2600 m above sea level. The Mississippi River is down just 3.5 cm. Neither the Mississippi nor the other major rivers could form a grand canyon because of the low steep descent. Even today, the Colorado River carries half a million tons of silt. Then the rain, the wind, the earthquake created strangely beautiful mountains.

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