50 travelers can rent the whole Naladu Private Island in Maldives


Naladu Private Island Maldives
Naladu Private Island Maldives

Naladu Private Island Maldives

In the wake of the corona-virus epidemic, basic protective measures, including the use of face masks and maintaining social distance, have become the norm in everyone’s life. This means that traveling in the future will not be the same as before. But Naladu Private Island Maldives has come up with a different solution to all the worries.

For a luxurious social distance, the resort, located on Atoll Island in South Male, Maldives, can be rented if you want. For this you have to count 35 thousand dollars (30 lakh rupees) every night! However, the same person or group will not be rented for more than three consecutive days.

Naladu Private Island Maldives

Although the amount of money is huge, it can accommodate 50 guests at a time. Fifty travelers from Chennai are expected to gather and rent the island. In that case, each person will get 600 dollars (80 thousand rupees). In three days it will stand at 1 lakh 60 thousand rupees. This figure is quite affordable when it comes to enjoying travel in the Maldives. As a result, it is a golden opportunity!

Naladu Private Island In the Maldives, there are 20 houses surrounded by sand dunes by the sea. Here guests get all kinds of benefits. Notable in this list: world-class food, beautiful beach, luxury spa, 24-hour separate butler, separate pool in each room, green forest, sunbathing and many more.

Naladu Private Island Maldives
Resort Cottage

The package also includes breakfast at the resort’s restaurant with a menu of your choice, a day trip on a pleasure boat, a trip to a resort on a nearby island. There are also opportunities for a variety of water sports, island trips, snorkeling and surfing.

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Meanwhile, the Maldives is opening its doors for foreign tourists. From next month (July), tourists will be able to travel in the country without any restrictions. They do not need to present a medical certificate to prove a Covid-19 negative. No additional fees will be charged from guests.

The Maldives closed its border last March due to a coronavirus outbreak. But last month, the country announced the gradual opening of the border. The Maldives Tourism Board said on May 30 that there would be no more barriers to travel from July. Tourists do not have to go through additional experiments. Also quarantine is not mandatory for them.

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